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Meeting Rooms

Hotel Grand’ Italia is the ideal location for business meetings. 

The first floor of the antique Folchi Palace, formerly the Aristocrats’ residence, today welcomes the guests of Hotel Grand’ Italia for breakfast and for business meetings.

The dining rooms


Every morning, the spacious and comfortable breakfast lounges open their doors to give our guests a royal welcome with their golden stuccos and wonderful rococo decorations.

The Salone del Sogno (Dream Hall)

Beyond the breakfast lounges, the first floor houses the charming Salone del Sogno (Dream Hall).

The 70-square-meter Salone del Sogno is elegantly austere, and is the ideal location for any kind of event. 

Seating can be displayed according to your needs. You can choose among the following solutions 

  • Max 70 stalls
  • Max 34 seats in a semi circle
  • Max 34 desks

The private room


An 18 square-meter room is at your disposal for meetings and private parties (may host up to 8 people). The room has a Liberty décor and is provided with all the comforts. 

Wi-fi connection and air conditioning are provided in each room. 

Upon request, our guests can take advantage of a limousine transfer service. As an alternative, our guests can use a parking lot and Gran Turismo coach service, just a short way away from our hotel. 

Should you need any other information concerning bookings, please do not hesitate to contact our staff.

We will take care of your needs and will help you create the right setting and atmosphere for your event.

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