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Hotel Grand'Italia | Padova | Italy“Technological progress and old-world charm blend to offer our guests a taste of old times, combining their essence with modern comforts…”  

Hotel Grand’ Italia was formerly the residence of Guglielmo Folchi, who was bestowed with the honour of becoming Cavaliere del Lavoro (Knightly Order of Merit for Labour). It was built in 1907 under the superintendence of the Engineer Giuseppe Pesaro not far from the Padua railway station. 

It lies on the corner of two streets. Due to its dynamic and rounded structure, the architecture of the Folchi Palace sheds the old schemes. Still today it impresses with its liberty-rococo style, its very essence. 

Despite all the renovations done throughout the years (the latest in 1996), the original architectural style of the Palace has been preserved with great care. 

Hotel Grand’ Italia continues to dominate the scene, welcoming its guests in a sumptuous and regal atmosphere, which is perfectly tuned to its irresistible aristocratic charm.

The interior of the Palace is enriched by elegant frescoes. The highlights of the present-day hall – where in olden times the noble coaches entered the premises – are the arches, which are decorated with elaborate floral patterns. It is further embellished by the magnificent nineteenth-century…


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